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Welcome to Party Boat, your trusted provider for boat rentals on Lake Austin. Whether you’re looking for a peaceful day on the water or planning a lively get-together with friends, we have the perfect boat for your needs.

Why Choose Party Boat?

Diverse Fleet of Boats

We offer a wide range of boats to match any occasion. Our fleet includes spacious pontoons for relaxed outings and speedy boats for those who crave adventure. Each boat is well-maintained and equipped with the amenities needed for a comfortable and enjoyable experience on Lake Austin.

Experienced and Friendly Crew

Our crew is dedicated to making your time on the water enjoyable and safe. With years of experience navigating Lake Austin, our team is knowledgeable about the best spots on the lake and can provide helpful tips and assistance throughout your rental.

Flexible Rental Options

We offer flexible rental options to fit your schedule. Whether you need a boat for a few hours, a full day, or an entire weekend, we can accommodate your needs. Our booking process is straightforward, ensuring you can easily plan your outing.

Our Services

Private Boat Rentals

For a more intimate experience on Lake Austin, consider our private boat rentals. Perfect for family outings, romantic dates, or solo adventures, renting a private boat allows you to explore the lake at your own pace. Enjoy swimming, picnicking, or simply relaxing and taking in the views.

Party Boat Rentals

If you’re planning a celebration, our party boat rentals are ideal. Great for birthdays, bachelor or bachelorette parties, or corporate events, our party boats provide ample space and come equipped with sound systems and coolers. Enjoy a festive atmosphere while cruising the lake with your guests.

Guided Tours

Explore Lake Austin with our guided tours. Our knowledgeable guides will show you the best spots on the lake, sharing interesting facts and stories along the way. Whether you’re interested in the history of the area, wildlife, or just want to enjoy the scenic beauty, our tours offer a unique and informative experience.

What to Expect

Scenic Views and Relaxation

Lake Austin is known for its beautiful landscapes and calm waters. Renting a boat with Party Boat means you can enjoy stunning views and a peaceful atmosphere. Whether you’re cruising along the shoreline or anchoring in a quiet cove, you’re sure to find relaxation.

Fun Water Activities

Our boats are perfect for a variety of water activities. Enjoy tubing, wakeboarding, swimming, and fishing with the necessary gear provided. Whether you’re experienced or trying something new, there’s plenty of fun to be had on the water.

Convenient and Hassle-Free

We strive to make your boat rental experience easy and enjoyable. Our online booking system allows you to reserve your boat quickly and easily. On the day of your rental, our team will assist you with everything from loading your gear to providing a safety briefing.

Plan Your Lake Austin Adventure

Ready to enjoy a day on Lake Austin? Plan your boat rental with Party Boat today. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing outing, an exciting adventure, or a memorable celebration, we have the perfect boat for you.

Contact us to reserve your boat and start planning your day on Lake Austin. We look forward to helping you create wonderful memories on the water!

Choose your experience

Rental options

the pontoon

the triton


We provide captained boat charters on Lake Austin. Each boat has a large cooler, a lily pad, gas, lifejackets (excluding children's) a Bimini for shading, and a bluetooth stereo system, charters Monday-Thursday have a 3 hour minimum and charters Friday-Sunday have a 4 hour minimum at $175 an hour with an automatic 20% gratuity added to the cost for the captain.

Monday to Thursday

3 Hour Minimum

Friday to Sunday

4 Hour Minimum

$175 per hour

Charters start with a 15 to 20 minute boat ride (longer if requested) before heading to party cove near 360 bridge where we then tie up and or anchor before rolling out the lily pad to swim/party.


At The Party Goat, we’re passionate about helping you create amazing memories with your friends, family and colleagues. Our service gives you the chance to enjoy fantastic experiences on the most beautiful lakes in Texas. Our founder grew up relaxing on the lakes of Texas, making some of the finest memories in the water.

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